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Please read the following Free Curriculum Policy and Privacy Policy before requesting free materials. By continuing to the free materials request form, you will need to confirm that you have read and understood these policies.

Free Curriculum Policy

Our multimedia curriculum is distributed free of charge to mailing addresses in the United States for use in developing countries. Generally, this includes use for and by missionaries, churches, Bible schools, theological study centers, seminaries, and individuals outside the United States, Canada, Western Europe and Australia. In exceptional circumstances, we also provide free materials for other uses, and/or ship to addresses outside the United States. Our material is also available for free download here:

Third Millennium Ministries permits and encourages the reproduction and free distribution of our video curriculum in these same countries and for these same uses. Please see our reproduction policy for further details.

We enthusiastically provide free materials when the need is great. However, our resources are limited. Please use our estore if you have the ability to purchase our materials.

Privacy Policy

Third Millennium Ministries greatly respects your privacy, and takes particular care not to reveal the identities of Christian workers in sensitive circumstances. We will not disclose personally identifiable information to a third party without your permission or notifying you.

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